Research to understand more about the new variant of the corona virus, namely variant B.1.1. 529 or Omicron is still being pursued by world researchers.

A number of aspects of research were carried out on rates of infection and symptoms including the effectiveness of vaccines and treatment. Diagnostic tests are carried out so that efforts to prevent the spread are optimal.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO), provides a number of recommendations for actions for countries and individuals to take steps to prevent Omicron variants.

Siloam Hospitals, as a health service industry company, is also trying to prevent and collaborate in researching new variants of the Corona Omicron virus.

Comprehensive educational efforts are broadcast simultaneously through three live Instagram accounts, namely Siloam Hospitals, Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village and Siloam Hospitals Surabaya. The health education was entitled ‘Already Vaccine, Can You Still Get Omicron?’ with the resource person, Dr. dr Allen Widysanto, a pulmonary specialist from Siloam Hospital Lippo Village and dr Diane Lukito Setiawan, a Clinical Pathologist from Siloam Hospital.

Covid-19 Varian Omicron

dr. Diane said that this virus has the ability to maintain its life through a mutation system, namely by escaping from the immune system in the human body or antibodies obtained through vaccination. According to Dr. Diane, the ability of this Omicron variant, the medical world and clinical pathology are still studying it. “Its nature tends to be fast reinfection in survivor patients or those who have been exposed to Covid-19”.

“Until now, the most optimal prevention efforts through full-dose vaccination targets have been achieved in the community accompanied by the implementation of health protocols on an ongoing basis. The PCR test is still the ‘golden standard’ in detecting the SarsCov-2 virus and several other viruses such as HIV and hepatitis. However, to detect a number of existing Covid-19 variants, further Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) needs to be carried out on specimens with positive PCR results,” he added. He also mentioned, the creation of antibodies in the human body can vary.

“The immune escape mechanism for this virus (Omicron) is being researched by experts. For the time being, booster vaccines for many ‘groups’ such as medical circles and vulnerable groups are deemed necessary and even important,” he said.

Dr. Diane also reminded that prevention and treatment of exposure to Corona Omicron returns to each individual. “It really depends on each individual during this Covid-19 Pandemic period in undergoing the pandemic period. Unisma The key to staying active is discipline in health protocols and then strengthening the immune system with vaccinations, eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep and regular exercise and immediately doing an examination if found. symptoms,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Dr. Allen Widysanto assessed that the Omicron variant transmits several times faster than other variants, with a tendency to feel systemic symptoms such as dizziness and headaches compared to respiratory symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and loss of smell.

“In principle, the management of patients exposed to the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is the same as a number of variants that have appeared before. In this regard, research and observations are still continuing in the medical world, especially regarding this Omicron variant. One example is on the African continent, exposure to the virus continues to increases with the presentation of exposure in children aged 9-12 years which is quite high,” said Dr. Allen.

Regarding the efforts and results of research as well as the effectiveness of vaccines, Siloam Hospitals Group is still conducting studies with specialists involving nurses and related parties regarding antibody titers obtained after receiving the vaccine. The effectiveness of the vaccine is still considered effective even though the recovery of a Covid-19 patient is ‘multi factoral’. “I take this opportunity to remind you that vaccines are an integral part of its importance,” said Allen.